Plantation City


Once a home to alligators and the wild that took shelter in its sawgrass and marshlands, soon it grew into a bustling city that’s known for its stunning landscape and array of amenities. It all started in 1931 when Frederick Peters moved to South Florida to seek respite from the harsh winters and settle in its warmth – and that’s how he stumbled upon what is now the Plantation city. Where the marshy wasteland existed Peters saw opportunity and purchased 10,000 acres from the Everglades Plantation Company – and thus a new chapter was written that was soon to alter the entire face of the region

What it is today?

Beyond the 1970, the region experienced massive growth and in the place of marshlands, there now stood a beautiful city boasting of green, safe and secure neighborhoods, world-class amenities, and a bustling mix of diverse cultures, who’d come in from all corners of the country. Despite everything it offered, people were apprehensive to move into the city owing to its relatively hot summers. But all that changed with the advent of air conditioners, which accelerated the growth even further. While Plantation grew without bounds, its old town village atmosphere remained infused in its big city life.

Why you need an AC service partner?

In a way, air conditioners are what made growth possible in Plantation, because it removed any inhibitions settlers had on wading through its hot summers. Today, nearly every home and office in Plantation city is equipped with an AC, however not everyone has a trusted AC service partner. From what we, at Plantation AC Services, have observed, most people tend to ignore their air conditioners until it throws up an issue and dismiss their growing electricity bills as ‘normal’. Some are even ignorant to the need for regular maintenance checks on air conditioners to keep them from failing into repair and ruin. If you’re a resident of Plantation city, then you need an AC expert like us, who can guide you through it all right from AC installation to repairs.

Your trusted ally:

What will you do if you find that your AC isn’t working anymore? What if you encounter a problem in the middle of the night? Whether you need urgent repairs or are in need of an installation, you can trust us for the job. We’re known for our timeliness, reliability; focus on customer service, quality-oriented work model and affordable pricing in Plantation. Trust us, and we’ll make sure your cool and comfort is kept up, always.

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